Production Services

  • Site Inventory and DiagramsSite Inventories include a detailed description and photographs of all site equipment including model and serial numbers.  The report includes accurate diagrams showing the exact layout of the site with firewall elevations, fence locations, and site signage.  The report is a production manager’s tool kit.  With the information on hand questions can be easily answered without waiting on a pumper to get back to you.  Report is available in both digital and paper formats.  


  • Norm SurveysAdd NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials) surveying to your site Inventory and diagrams.  Not only will we survey your sites NORMs we will add the appropriate signage to your production equipement as currently required by the Texas Railroad Commision.  The report includes detailed diagrams and descriptions so you will know what is hot and what is not.
  • NORM Remediation and Removal ConsultingWhen NORMs are encountered it may be necessary to have the contaminated equipment removed from the site.  We will develop a plan of action to have the items safely removed or remediated.